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The SQL Data Manager Studio is software made for easy use. It help you, do your data and database related work easier, faster and safer. The software package is a swiss army knife for many data related things.

How we started it

The SQL Data Manager Studio development has started back in 2012 when I work for a large and famous swiss bank. I analyzed how colleagues worked on data and databases. They used development tools like the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to write again and again same queries. After I brought the SQL Data Manager Studio to them, they could store this queries in an easy to use script library, without the need of .sql files in a file folder. They could use custom forms to run parametrized queries and get the result quick and fast.


The SQL Data Manager Studio offer unique and powerful functions:
- Easy and very feature rich data grid to show and manipulate data.
- Integrated form builder to create GUIs for your database queries or scripts.
- Integrated chart builder and imaging engine to create awsome charts you can also export as image files.
- Command line tool to run any of your scripts including custom parameters. You also can export data and images.


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